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Long Island Medical House Calls

The house callis back

Long Island House Call Doctors

Always Here For You

Nights, holidays, weekends ... we never take a day off.

Long Island Medical House Calls

Our Mission

Our mission at OnCallCare is to personalize your medical encounter with the highest quality of care in the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home.

Long Island House Call Doctors
We’re in when your doctor is out

Never wait in line, never have to leave your home, never have to worry!

The OnCallCare Promise

We’re constantly striving for convenience and comfort in everything we do, so why should our medical care be any different?  OnCallCare is proud to bring back and modernize the house call, while careful to preserve the personal and warm touch. Schedule your appointment online or by phone, access your records from home, OnCallCare will give medicine a modern feel with an old school touch.

It’s no secret that we are at our most comfortable and relaxed in the privacy of our own homes.  OnCallCare decided to utilize that idea to help return some comfort and warmth to doctor visits that are routinely where we feel our most vulnerable. Fever in the middle of the night? Painful earache or sore throat after your child’s doctor’s office is closed? Stress about an elderly loved one that you can’t get to the doctor?  OnCallCare wants to be your first call in any situation. Our promise is to always go above and beyond for our patients, ensuring they’re taken care of mentally, physically and emotionally. At OnCallCare we pride ourselves on our compassion, quality care, discretion, and convenience.

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