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Long Island: 516-331-2595 New Jersey: 201-975-4536
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As the world has changed, healthcare has strived to keep up at every turn. Overcrowded emergency rooms, hours wasted in private waiting rooms, and the hassle of going to an urgent care in the middle of the night have birthed a new, warm and even more efficient path for patients to be cared for. OnCallCare will ensure that patients never have to wait for a call back or travel to an emergency room or urgent care center. With the simple click of a button or a quick phone call, OnCallCare will dispatch the nearest PA or NP to a patient's house where they will be evaluated from the comfort of their own home. Within minutes, our patients will experience our quality care and unparalleled service. OnCallCare removes the stress and guesswork out of making a doctor's appointment. Now the only schedule you'll need to worry about is your own.

OnCallCare ushers in a refreshing intimacy, privacy, and convenience for our patients. Our goal is to promote privacy, comfort, and efficiency without sacrificing quality of care. Our PA's and NP's have decades of experience and will see all cases under the supervision of a trained physician. Whether it's a fever in the middle of the night or checking in on an elderly parent, our team can be there whenever your private doctor can't.