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Assisted Living Facility House Call Doctors

Assisted Living House Calls

House Call Doctors & PAs For Assisted Living Facilities

House call doctors do not just make house calls. In fact, a large number of assisted living facilities utilize house call doctors to treat their residents. By using professional doctors and physician assistants from on call medical care providers like OnCallCare, assisted living facilities will be able to provide quality medical care to their residents without the inconvenience of leaving the facility.


Below is a list of some of the benefits associated with using the house call doctors from OnCallCare to provide quality medical care to their residents.

  • By having qualified on call doctors, a phone call away, an assisted living facility can offer a higher quality of care than their competition thus increasing the number of current residents.
  • On call doctors can provide quality preventative care on a regular basis to an assisted living facility’s residents thus drastically reducing the number of medical emergencies due to catching potential issues before they escalate into medical emergencies.
  • By providing medical care in the residents’ home, an assisted living facility can maintain a more consistent resident rate since they will not have to deal with residents checking in and out due to hospitalization
  • Assisted living facilities that use on call doctors from OnCallCare can better utilize hospice services.
  • On call doctors that provide medical services to assisted living facility residents allow the assisted living facility’s administrators to regularly stay up to date with the medical care and overall condition of their residents.
  • On call doctors that provide medical care to assisted living facilities are able to speed up and simplify the process of diagnosing, prescribing, and filling their patient’s prescriptions. In many cases the prescriptions can be filled within hours of the house call doctor’s visit to the resident’s home.
  • Transporting patients to and from a hospital for doctors’ appointments can quickly become a logistical nightmare as well as become very costly. By utilizing the on call medical services of house call doctors, you can eliminate all of those costs and headaches associated with patient transportation.
  • On call doctors not only provide at home medical care, but they also act as an intermediary between outside labs, the doctor and the patient. By utilizing a physician from OnCallCare an assisted living facility administrator will have a single point of contact which will greatly increase the efficiency of the facility when it comes to deal with their residents’ medical well-being.
  • Whether your assisted living facility has 5 residents or 50 residents, by utilizing the services of house call doctors a facility can improve efficiency by scheduling multiple appointments in a single day. Doing so will allow the on-call doctor to go from resident to resident and handle a number of cases at once thus drastically reducing the number of days the facility needs to concern themselves with medical care.
  • Assisted living facilities are usually made up of elderly and senior residents. These residents due to their advanced age are very susceptible to getting sick when they are around other sick individuals. By relying on physicians and physician assistants from OnCallCare the facility’s residents will receive high quality medical care in their home and eliminate unnecessary exposure to sick individuals in hospitals and clinics.
  • All the house call doctors at OnCallCare are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when they are working with assisted living facilities. Having this high-quality medical care only a phone call way will provide assisted living facility residents a peace of mind they cannot get anywhere else.