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A sports physical exam is an examination by a properly trained physician that once completed will either allow or disallow a student to participate in school athletic programs. Although the specifics for a school athletic physical exam will vary based on school district, the overall criteria are generally the same.


College athletic programs also require a sports physical however most colleges have medical staff on hand that will conduct the physical examination due to the specifics usually involved with individual athletic program or sport.

In the past, getting a sports physical exam would require setting up an appointment and either going to a family doctor, a hospital or a walk-in clinic similar to a minute clinic in a CVS pharmacy. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, the on-call physicians and physician assistants at OnCallCare can provide a professional and thorough sports examination in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Having a licensed professional house call doctor from OnCallCare come to your home or residence for an athletic examination comes with the following benefits over a more traditional sports examination in a doctor’s office or minute clinic location.

Save Time

Any doctor appointment that required an individual to drive to the doctor or physician’s location requires a commute. That commute can vary from minutes to hours depending on the distance the patient is from the hospital, private practice, or CVS Pharmacy type location. For people that live in rural areas, getting to a doctor appointment of any kind can be an all-day affair. By choosing to have your next athletic examination done by one of the on-call doctors at OnCallCare, you can by pass all the inconveniences associated with having to commute to a doctor appointment and receive the same high-quality sports exam in your own home.


Medical examinations by nature are invasive. Being poked and prodded is never a fun experience but it can be a little easier in the privacy of your own home. Having a sports exam at home via one of the health care professionals at OnCallCare will add a degree of privacy that cannot be duplicated at a minute clinic or doctor’s office. If you or your child is in need of a sports exam in order for him or her to participate in a school athletic program then give OnCallCare a call today and let one of our highly trained doctors or physician assistants come to your home to conduct a thorough athletic examination.

The Covid Factor

Covid-19 is real and if recent data is to believed it’s not going away in the near future. When a person suspects they may be infected by the virus or have been in contact with a covid infected person then they usually go to a hospital or minute clinic equivalent for a covid test. If the only thing you require is a sports exam, why take the risk of traveling to a place that people with covid frequent? Take advantage of the house call doctors at OnCallCare to let one of our trained doctors or physician assistants come to your home and provide a safe and private sports examination in the in your home.