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At Home Medical Exams

At Home Health Screenings

House Call Doctors & PAs For Medical Exams & Health Screenings

Medical exams and health screenings are an uncomfortable and often invasive experience however they are also essential when it comes to preventative health care. Medical examinations and health screenings save lives so they are more than worth the minor discomfort or inconvenience associated with them. What if they could be easier? What if medical exams and health screenings could be less intrusive and more convenient? What if you could get a private medical exam or health screening in your own home? Thanks to the on-call doctors at OnCallCare, you can!


The on call doctors and physician assistants at OnCallCare offer in-home medical examinations and health screenings without any additional cost. Our doctors and PAs are just as thorough as the doctors and PAs that you would see in a hospital or primary care clinic. OnCallCare offers the same high quality of medical care and we do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Don’t skip your next medical exam or health screening, give the medical care professionals at OnCallCare a call today and setup an appointment for your in-home medical exam or health screening.

Medical Exams & Health Screenings for Seniors

OnCallCare has years of experience providing high quality health and medical care services to seniors which is why we are the most trusted home medical care providers in the tri-state area. OnCallCare has locations conveniently located in Long Island New York, New Jersy, and Staten Island and we are ready to take care of all of your medical needs. If you or an elderly loved one are in need of a medical exam or health screening then give OnCallCare a call at one of our 3 locations.

Medical Exam for Children & Teens

OnCallCare doesn’t just provide high quality medical care to seniors and adults, but we also offer our superior in-home medical exam and health screening services for children and teens. Most organized sports for children from grad school to high school require some sort of physical examination before the student can participate. The on call doctors and physician assistants at OnCallCare will come out to the child’s home and administer a professional and thorough medical exam that works within your busy schedule. There is no need to plan your entire day around bringing your child to a primary care clinic or hospital for a health screening when you can just give OnCallCare a call today and schedule a at-home medical exam or health screening for your child or children.