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OnCallCare Concierge Service

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Long Island Medical House Calls

Whether you’re going on vacation or become worried about a loved one while you’re at work, OnCallCare is the perfect way to make sure a homebound loved one is constantly cared for. With our exclusive concierge service, you can have the peace of mind that even between doctor appointments a loved one has an advocate to detect symptoms before they arrive or worsen. Our Concierge service includes a thorough evaluation and communication with the patient’s family and private physician.

Unlike a traditional doctor’s visit, OnCallCare will be in your loved one’s home, making sure they’re hydrated in the summer and that the heat is working in the winter. Being in a patient’s home gives us access to care for a patient like never before. Our goal is to limit visits to Emergency Rooms and reduce hospital admissions. Being comfortable in their home is where your loved one deserves to stay.