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Remote Patient Monitoring For Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring & Home Monitoring For Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is no laughing matter. It is a serious and dangerous heart condition that affects millions of Americans. CHF is responsible for approximately 287,000 deaths each year in the United States. Thanks to the technological breakthroughs with modern medicine, it’s now possible to live an active and extended life with congestive heart failure. One of the most effective ways of managing congestive heart failure is through remote patient monitoring.


How does remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure work? Remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure is when a patient uses a standard heart monitor and other medical monitoring equipment that is connected via the cloud to trained remote patient monitoring professionals in a high-tech monitoring center. Since the information is real-time the patient with congestive heart failure can receive a quicker response when issues are detected as well as allow the patient’s doctor to accurately manage the patient’s medications and see any trends that indicate further complications or problems.

What information does remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure collect? The medical monitoring equipment used for monitoring CHF patients in their own home can monitor a variety of physical conditions. The heart monitor keeps track of the heart’s rhythm which allows doctors and cardiologists to quickly and easily see changes based on different controlled variables such as physical activity and medication changes. Monitoring a patient’s blood pressure is also an important part of remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure patients. Sudden or drastic changes in a patient’s blood pressure can indicate a problem. Thanks to the real-time data, the problem can be addressed quickly via remote or in more serious cases emergency services can be notified and possibly saving the patient’s life. In addition to a heart monitor and blood pressure monitoring, remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure also monitors fluid retention through the use of scales which is another common indicator associated with CHF. Proper weight management is an important part of managing congestive heart failure.

Is RPM for congestive heart failure covered by insurance? In most cases remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure is covered by your insurance company for no additional cost. Because all insurance companies and plans are not created equal, we recommend you contact your insurance provider and ask them if remote patient monitoring is covered in your health insurance plan.

How effective is remote patient monitoring for CHF? According to the American Heart Association, Remote Patient Monitoring, commonly referred to as RPM, is value-enhancing and cost-effective solution for controlling and monitoring congestive heart failure. Because the data collected from the patient is in real-time, issues are detected and dealt with in a much timelier manner which results in a better quality of life. Remote patient monitoring for CHF makes it so that in the event of a complication or problem, the information is captured at the moment as opposed to having to undergo a litany of tests in a doctor’s office because the symptoms have already subsided. The AHA was not the only association that performed a study on RPM for congestive heart failure. The publication “Science Daily” also published their study about the cost effectiveness of remote patient monitoring for patients with chronic heart conditions.


Remote patient monitoring for CHF has a log of advantages. Below are just a few of those advantages.

Peace of mind

Living alone with congestive heart disease can be very stressful to both the person with the condition as well as for their loved ones. What if something happens and nobody is around? What if they live alone? What if they can’t get to the phone or the emergency notification device? With remote patient monitoring these questions are answered. Remote patient monitoring for CHF is in real-time so in the event on an emergency, one of the trained experts at the monitoring center can alert emergency services. That quick reaction could be the difference between life or death.

Early Detection

Remote patient monitoring monitors a patient’s condition in real time which means that any changes in blood pressure, fluid retention, weight management, or heart rhythm are detected immediately. This quick detection allows for a quick response to address the issue. Without remote patient monitoring, early signs of congestive heart failure can go un-noticed until the next doctor’s appointment or until it’s too late.


Living with congestive heart failure requires a lot of constant medical attention regular checkups. Remote patient monitoring for CHF removes all the inconvenience of getting ready for appointment, driving to and from appointment and the uncomfortable wait in the waiting room for appointments. By choosing to utilize the RPM services offered by OnCallCare or another remote patient monitoring company, you can get have all of your data sent in real-time your doctor and have your regular checkups on the phone in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Depending on how far you live from your doctor or the nearest hospital, a doctor’s appointment can be an all-day affair. When waste an entire day when you don’t have to. Call OnCallCare today at one of our 4 convenient locations and experience the benefits of remote patient monitoring for congestive heart failure today.


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