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Geriatric Home Care

Geriatric Home Care House Calls

House Call Doctors & PAs For Geriatric Patients

Geriatric patients which are also commonly referred to as elderly or seniors, usually require regular doctor’s appointments for checkups and health condition management. Depending on the severity and the number of health conditions a geriatric patient is dealing with, the number and frequency of doctor’s appointments can become daily which is why the on-call doctors and physician assistants at OnCallCare offer house call doctors in Connecticut, house call doctors on Long Island, house call doctors on Long Island and house call doctors in New Jersey. Our professional and well-trained house call doctors and physician assistants are the perfect alternative for geriatric patients who are tired of having to make frequent trips to the doctor.

Geriatric patients that receive medical care and checkups at home via a house call doctor or physician assistant get the same quality of medical care they would receive in a hospital or primary care doctor’s office. The house call experts at OnCallCare can handle all of your primary care needs including prescriptions and offsite lab work. By using house call doctors for geriatric medical care, seniors and elderly patients do not have to worry about how they are going to get to a doctor’s appointment or whether or not they remember or can make their next doctor’s appointment. The doctor or physician assistant will come to the patient’s home and perform a proper medical exam at a time that is convenient for the patient. Don’t drive to the doctor’s office or hospital for your next doctor’s appointment, instead experience the advantages of choose to use the house call doctors and physician assistants at OnCallCare.

OnCallCare has 3 convenient locations that can provide house call doctors and physician assistants to perform medical examinations for elderly and geriatric patients. For geriatric home medical care in New Jersey give us a call at 201 975-4536. Finally, if you or a loved one is looking to take advantage our house call doctors and physicians in Long Island then call us at 516-331-2595.


Home medical care via a house call doctor or physician assistant for geriatric patients has a multitude of advantages over having to get medical care and medical examinations at a hospital or doctor’s office. Here are just a few of those advantages.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 is not going away and the most susceptible group of individuals to the virus are the elderly. Because of the high rate of spreading, how easy it is to transmit between people and the high mortality rate amongst seniors, leaving your house for any reason is in no uncertain terms dangerous. Why put yourself or an older loved one at risk in a hospital or doctor’s office waiting room during the most dangerous pandemic in modern history? People that are suffering from Covid-19 symptoms are going to doctors and hospitals to get treated and tested for the pandemic so why take that risk? The house call doctors and physician assistants at OnCallCare can home to your home and provide you with the same quality medical care but in a much safter environment.

Peace of Mind

Elderly people do not always have the best memory and not all elderly have family members they can rely upon to remember or make their next doctor’s appointment. OnCallCare’ s home medical care for geriatric patients eliminates the stress associated with remembering and making your next doctor’s appointment. Since we come to your home, we will arrive whether you remember or not barring your appointment was not canceled.

If you are in need of medical care and are tired of dealing with the hassles involved in either getting to your doctor’s appointment or bringing an elderly loved one to a doctor’s appointment then please give the home medical care professionals at OnCallCare a call today and start enjoying all the benefits of receiving quality health care in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home.