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Dr. Simon Fensterszaub, DO
Family Physician, Primary Care Doctor

Long Island House Call Doctors

Dr. Fensterszaub is a compassionate, friendly and caring primary care doctor with over twelve years of experience as a family physician. To ensure his primary goal of keeping each his patients happy and healthy, Dr. Fensterszaub makes a personal connection and spends time with each of his patients to better customize treatment around their individual lifestyles and needs.

Patients visiting Dr. Fensterszaub receive a full range of medical services; general consultations and preventative disease screenings are available, as well as more specialized treatment for specific issues, including hypertension, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, sore throat, ear infections, asthma, allergic cough, substance abuse, fevers, acne, eczema, and daytime sleepiness. Dr. Fensterszaub has treated and has years of experience with both pediatric and adult patients. He believes that his intimate relationship with this vibrant community and his appreciation of its medical and social needs allow him to successfully attend to the general medical, preventive, and specialty care of all his patients.


Andrew Weissman, PA

Long Island Medical House Call

With over ten years of experience as a PA, Andrew has worked extensively with pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients in the home setting. Andrew has worked in family medicine for over ten years and can relate to every member of the family, young or old. With his warm smile and sincerity, Andrew quickly developed a reputation for being more than just an astute clinician, but someone who truly cares about each and every patient’s life. Andrew has become one of the premiere clinicians providing house calls in the West Hempstead area.



Jazmyn Manzouri PA-C

Long Island Medical House Call

Jazmyn has been a practicing PA in the state of NY for almost 10 years. She holds a a Bachelor's degree in Physiology and Biology from University of Delaware as well as a Master of Science from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Ms. Manzouri previously worked in Orthopedic surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, with a focus on sports medicine and joint reconstruction. Since then, she has also worked for a regenerative medicine and pain management practice. She also has experience with research based medicine, having worked as a sub investigator for clinical trials undergoing the FDA approval process. In addition to gaining surgical experience she has integrated nonoperative medicine and aesthetics into her practice. She has had extensive training with renowned physicians in injectables such as filler and toxins. Jazmyn trained and competed as a professional figure skater for over 12 years, developing her passion for sports medicine and gaining an artistic background for aesthetic medicine. In her free time she enjoys coaching figure skating, mentoring students interested in medicine and exercising in the form of weightlifting, pilates and yoga.


Theresa Pizinger

Long Island Medical House Call

Theresa Pizinger is a doctorally prepared Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, who received her training at Columbia University.

Prior to her career in medicine, Theresa worked for several years in nutrition and sleep research after receiving a Master’s degree from Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in Human Nutrition. She specializes in an empowering, holistic approach to patient care. Theresa is dedicated to caring for the entire well being of her patients, and she provides detailed, personalized guidance in making informed choices with compassion and respect for individual patient needs.