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Rehabilitation Center House Call Doctors

Rehabilitation Center House Calls

House Call Doctors & PAs For Rehabilitation Centers

Half way houses and rehabilitation centers provide a valuable and important service for individuals afflicted with addiction. Substance abuse and addiction does horrible things to the human body and in most cases leads to long term health issues that may require frequent medical attention. The house call doctors at OnCallCare work with rehab facilities throughout New York, New Jersey and Long Island providing quality on location medical care for their residents. By utilizing the medical services offered by OnCallCare, rehab facilities and half way houses take advantage of the following benefits.


Utilizing an on-call physician or physician assistant from OnCallCare will provide the rehab center or half way house administrator with a single point of contact for handling the physical health of all its residents. This increase in efficiency will free up the administrator’s time so that he or she can concentrate other things. As single house call doctor as a point of contact for all the rehab facility or half way house residents also eliminate the need to having to schedule multiple appointments with multiple doctors. A single point of contact means a single appointment to cover all of their residents’ medical needs.

By relying on a on-location doctor from OnCallCare, a rehab facility or half way house can offer a higher quality of care to their residents. The professional and highly experienced physicians and physician assistants at OnCallCare monitor the individual medical needs of each patient while also providing them with preventative medical care to ensure they can concentrate more on their rehabilitation while worrying less about their overall health.

House call doctors are real medical doctors this allows them to properly diagnose medical conditions and if necessary, prescribe medication. Individuals that are currently enrolled in a rehabilitation program for substance abuse may not be able to take narcotics or other prescription medication which is why having an on-call doctor from OnCallCare who knows and understands the individual situation and needs of each resident is so important. The visiting doctor will have full access to the resident’s medical records as well as personal experience with each resident so any medication or prescriptions will not interfere with the patient’s rehabilitation.

If you own or are an administrator for a rehabilitation facility or half way house and are looking to increase the quality of care you offer to your residents then give the medical professionals at OnCallCare a call today and let our professional health care staff create a personalized program to meet all your facility’s medical needs.