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The House Call is Back

Nassau & Suffolk Counties and New York City Medical House Calls

OnCallCare was created based on the belief that nothing is more important than a patient’s comfort and peace of mind. Our service stemmed from our own experiences within the healthcare system; surprise bills, hours in an emergency room, dragging toddlers to an urgent care in the middle of the night, the hassle of a last minute visit to a primary doctor just to get a school or camp form signed. OnCallCare was established to address these perceived deficiencies in the healthcare system, it was established to give the power back to the patient, to bring a level of intimacy and compassion back to healthcare.


Long Island House Call Doctors

At OnCallCare you’ll never spend more time in a waiting room than with an actual doctor. Using OnCallCare your time with a provider is maximized. More time face to face with your clinician in a personal setting results in a better and clearer understanding of your personal health history and a more comprehensive plan tailored just for you.

With OnCallCare we work around your schedule; no more missing work, school, or squeezing in appointments at inopportune times. We know that you have better things to do than commute to and from a doctor’s office. We know the feeling of being forced to wait days just to secure an appointment. Every minute will be utilized for a better diagnosis and a more intimate interaction with your healthcare provider.


Before our clinicians show up at your house you will always know the cost of your visit up front. No more bills. No more disputes with insurance companies. Our goal is transparency and we promise that you will always know what the cost of every shot, medicine, and procedure are BEFORE your visit.